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    Packer design principles

    Release time: 2021-08-07 16:39:39    Clicks:13574

    The development of packaging machinery led to the continuous progress of the baler, from the basic manual to the current semi-automatic balers, which paid the hardships, sweat sweat, after all, in exchange for a place now, yes, just have a place, but this Is relative to the top packaging machinery in terms of. How did the packer get this place?
    1. Integrated circuit design:
    Packer new circuit design, baler using plug-in circuit board to control the entire package action and hot head temperature, circuit board replacement is very convenient, packer service convenient.
    2. Automatic shutdown device, power saving Practical:
    Packer when the bundling action is completed, no longer operate within 60 seconds, the compactor structure is compact, the motor will automatically stop, into the standby mode.
    3. New brake design:
    The baler uses a special spring design with a disc brake to ensure smooth and no noise. The baler is reasonably priced
    4. instantaneous heating, immediately packaged:
    Da Baoji innovative high-speed hot melt system design, 5 seconds can make the heaters work, so that PET packer into the best packaged state.
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